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Haven't received your Cost of Living Payment?

I've had a few questions regarding the Cost of Living Payment, with the first instalment (of three) released this week. If you haven't received the first payment, and think you are entitled, see the below for some of the common reasons I have come across so far:

1) Check your bank account is updated with the IRD. You can check via your MyIR login. If you have forgotten your User ID and/or password for your MyIR login (happens to the best of us), select "Forgot Password/User ID" you can do both. If you don't receive an email, check your junk/spam folders. If you still can't find an email, it's possible an old email is used for your login - ring the IRD and get it updated.

2) For the self-employed/business owners, your 2022 individual income tax return, in most cases, needs to be filed first. You will not miss out on the payment if you are entitled, it will be paid to you once your return is filed.

3) Your net income before tax needs to be $70,000 or under. This is the total of your net income received for the year 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022, and may not just be your salary/wages. You may be over the $70,000 if you have income from another source pushing you over the threshold. For example, income received from a residential rental property, side hustle, investment income (Sharesies?) etc.

4) You need to be 18 years or over to receive.

5) If you receive a winter energy payment on a benefit already, you do not qualify for the payment.

6) If the only income you receive is from PIE income, you may not be entitled.

7) If you receive NZ Superannuation - sorry no payment for you either.

See also the link below for more information on who is eligible for the payment: